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Working for Social Starfish Life is Too Short Not To Love Your Job Being Happy = Being Productive This is the 21st Century, so we do away from traditional job ideas. We believe work needs to be fun, educational and something that makes you excited that you jump out of bed each morning. Forget the Traditional 9-5 Job! Instead, get paid to Play, Create, Learn and Grow. It’s like Being a Child Again. But with a Salary. We’re reinventing “work”.

7 Reasons to Become A Starfish

  1. Our work culture, flexible scheduling, and employee development programs attract brilliant applicants. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that “A” people attract “A” people.

  2. We put the “Fun” in “Business Fundamentals”. Don’t get us wrong—we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. And so we create a work environment that is designed to make your tasks, your co-workers and even company meetings, a ton of fun.

  3. We understand that brilliant people hate rules, instead they desire the freedom to do their work – in their way.

  4. We treat our employees well. Team retreats, attending sporting events, annual dinners and parties, mentorship, training programs, access to a personal development library and more.

  5. In our spare time Social Starfish folks volunteer their time to charitable causes, both on a local level and a World level. We want to make a significant impact to the lives of others.

  6. We understand that great people dream of starting their own companies. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. We do not require any employees to sign a bonding contract. Simply put, you are free to learn from us and then move on when you are ready to start your own business. We respect entrepreneurship.

  7. With small ideas, we aim for big impact. We aim to be as influential in improving people’s lives ass businesses through all of the social media outlets. We love living in this century and want to help people use it to the best of their abilities.

Tipes for Applying

Your application must include: A resume and a YouTube cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3 minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, motivations for applying, and your love for the internet. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific. Send us links to software, web designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents. Note: Please don’t worry about over-doing your video cover letter. You don’t need special effects or any form of video editing (unless you choose to). Send the goods to info(at) We look forward to receiving your application.

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